D-Fenz® Anti-Microbial Laundry Protectant


Up to 30 Washes of Protection.

Now you can protect your clothing from germs, too. D-Fenz® Anti-Microbial Laundry Protectant leaves a



Bedding, jerseys, undergarments, uniforms, scrubs, towels, clothes and almost every other type of fabric is capable of hosting and spreading undesirable microorganisms. Many microorganisms can survive the wash cycle, and odor

is often the obvious indicator of their lingering presence. Mold and bacteria can linger inside of the washing machine after contaminated garments have passed through. Bleach, very hot water and high dryer temperatures can be effective in battling the microbes, but not every garment is able to withstand repeated bleaching and high heat.

D-FENZ Antimicrobial Fabric Protectant offers a solution to arm fabric with the ability to make its surfaces inhospitable to offensive microbial growth. D-FENZ Fabric Protectant bonds with fabric fibers to form an invisible barrier capable of providing lasting protection against exposure contaminants. D-FENZ Antimicrobial Fabric Protectant stays bonded in place for up to 30 washings. D-FENZ Fabric Protectant can be used to pre-treat new items such as scrubs, sheets, emergency uniforms, medical linens, sports gear, etc. Or, for fabrics that have already been contaminated or exposed to offensive, odor-producing microbes, D-FENZ Fabric Protectant can be used directly after washing the items with a bleach or peroxide detergent. D-FENZ Fabric Protectant is not a detergent, and does not contain an “instant kill” component. This “protection-only” approach allows for the product to remain gentle on fabrics. D-FENZ Fabric Protectant leaves clothing feeling softer and cleaner without degrading the fabric.


Keep Fabrics Fresh

Boost fabrics with antimicrobial power between washings.

Stop the Stink

Prevent odor-causing bacteria from taking hold in fabrics

Block Mildew

Protect towels and linens from molds and mildews

Protect Fabrics

Undesirable microorganism growth is prevented*



Troublesome mold and mildew orders were lingering in our test case family’s home for months. After trying everything to decontaminate the family’s clothing and surroundings, they were on the verge of discarding everything.

​Read how after treating all of the washable textiles with D-FENZ Fabric Protectant and spraying inanimate surfaces with Surface Protectant, this family was able to reclaim control over the irritating odors.